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'To protect and serve'
Sunday April 20, 2014

Mission Statemtent

To protect and serve through the delivery of professional services to ensure a safe society.

Who We Are

The Royal Grenada Police Force is responsible for enforcing criminal, immigration and maritime laws in Grenada. We are also responsible for seaport security and fire services.
The Royal Grenada Police Force area comprises the whole of the country of Grenada and its offshore islands, territorial sea and exclusive economic zone. The total land area is 133 square miles. The Force area is divided into 3 divisions and 1 district.

  • We provide services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • We operate from 15 community-based police stations; and other offices and departments
  • We have 900 staff
  • We operate by land and sea and can be provide with aerial support at short notice through the Regional Security System.
  • Police respond to more than 15, 000 crimes/incidents each year
  • Police are involved in crime prevention as well as responding to crime.
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