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'To protect and serve'
Saturday April 19, 2014

Vision Statement

The Royal Grenada Police Force shall be at the forefront of modern policing, driving forward problem solving police work, through close collaboration with the communities we serve.

Badges and Rank of Insignia


Following are the badges and accoutrements worn by officers of the various ranks of the Royal Grenada Police Force. These, together with assorted uniforms, signifies the typical dress code worn for regular and other ceremonial duties.







One laurel wreath and one crown on each shoulder strap

Deputy Commissioner

One laurel wreath and three stars on each shoulder strap


To be updated


Assistant Commissioner

One laurel wreath and two star on each shoulder strap


One crown on each shoulder strap

Assistant Superintendent

Two stars on each shoulder


Two metal bar on each shoulder strap

Cadet Officer

One metal bar on each shoulder strap


A three bar chevron

Worn on both sleeves


A two bar Chevron

Worn on both sleeves

All Police Officers

No badge of rank

Title worn on both sleeves/and number on right breast

Male Female
Rural Constable No badge of rank or number
All officers Part of the every Constable's Kit Hand cuff and Baton Ceremonial headgear for males
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