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Police Boys Club Coastal Cleanup

Police Boys Club Coastal Cleanup

Police Boys Club encourages preservation the natural environment for future generations through coastal clean-up and tree planting activity held in commemoration of World Environment Day 2012.


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As we all go about our busy schedules, sifting through files, attending meetings, making “a day’s work,” surely none of us spend enough time observing and appreciating our natural environment.The Police Boys Club of St. George’s Methodist School and St. George’s Anglican Junior School in collaboration with Education, Conservation, Outreach (ECO), an environmental group of SGU, members of the Marine Protected Area Program of the Fisheries Department as well as community members of Grand Mal, have demonstrated their concerns and commitment in keeping our environment clean and healthy. They ventured out for a whole day clean-up and coastal tree planting activity on Saturday, June, 2nd 2012 at the Grand Mal beach in St. George.This collaborative event sought to bring together the local community as well as participating organizations to clean the beach and surrounding areas as we celebrate World Environment Day 2012.The activities commenced with a clean-up at the beach, located outside the Sunset View Inn where a shocking amount of garbage was collected. Plastic bottles, food containers, food wrappers and even an opened refrigerator were found. The items collected were recorded to help work towards solutions to garbage disposal issues.The shore and underwater component of the clean-up collected a staggering 384 plastic bottles collected, 263 food wrapper/containers, (the second most common item), 193 plastic bags and 77 glass bottles were also collected.For a beach which is less than half-mile long, these numbers indicate a lack of care for our natural environment. As the environment is our life support system, we would do well to improve our stewardship of our island home. If we take better care of our environment, we humans stand to benefit but so do the tiny critters, fish and other marine organisms that live in these areas.Activities for World Environment Day did not stop at the cleanup but continued with tree replanting at the Grand Mal playing field. Almond trees were planted into culverts to help combat erosion and the run off of land based material into the water.By the end of the day, all volunteers were completely exhausted!Initiatives such as these highlight our responsibility as human beings to take care of our environment, not only on designated days like ‘World Environment Day’ but it should be part of our everyday actions. We encourage all to become better stewards of our island home. We have plenty of tips of simple things you can work into each day so contact us if you need some ideas!


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Police Boys Club Observe World Environment Day

Police Boys Club Observe World Environment Day

In observance of World Environment Day, members of the Royal Grenada Police Force Police Boys Club of the St. George Policing District will be embarking on a beach clean-up on Saturday 1st June, 2012 at Grand Mal, St. George.

The beaches close to the Grand Mal community center and another in the vicinity of Sunset View Apartments and Guest House will be targeted.

In this regard, the MEDIA is invited to provide coverage of the activity which is expected to commence at 0800 a.m. and end at 3:00 p.m.


Source:        Office of the Commissioner of Police

Contact        Community Relations Department (CRD)

440- 3764 / 435-8918 / 405 3134 /405-7451

Date:             Friday 1st June, 2012

Health Care from Police Boys Club

Health Care from Police Boys Club

The Police Boys Club Health Fair staged on Friday the 9th December 2011 at Fort George Compound was a tremendous success.

The health fair, which is one of many initiatives embarked upon by the Police Boys Club is indicative of our community policing trust.

The primary aim of the fair is to promote healthy living and healthy life style practices among the boys.

The health fair had a total of seven schools participating, where the Clubs are active, within the area of St. George. A total of one hundred and seventy (170) students received free medical screening; seventy nine (79) were referred to undergo specialist care; forty (40) were issued prescriptions to procure medication; and the remainder were either okay medically, or recommended to undergo lifestyle education sessions. Quite a number of health conditions which warranted urgent attention surfaced, this opportunity afforded the Club Members a chance to be made aware of their status and to have their various medical conditions addressed.

The facilitators of the health fair were doctors of the Grenada Junior Doctors Association and Nurses of the General Hospital. They both were high in praise of the initiative and affirmed their commitment to support a similar venture of this nature in the future. A total of seven doctors participated in the event and six nurses; many thanks to them.

We are also highly appreciative of the partnership entered into with the managers of the Grenada Optical Laboratory who provided vouchers to afford the boys free optical screening during the months of January and February 2012. The vouchers would also allow the boys to receive discounts on glasses. This opportunity was highly embraced by most of the boys, and was validated by the amount of optical referrals.

We are also extremely grateful for the cooperate support given toward the successful staging of the health fair to the following business houses: Digicel, Huggins Pharmaceutical, Gittens Pharmaceutical, Marketing and National Importing Board, Grenada Optical Laboratory, Grenada Red Cross Society and Blue Danube Groceries.

Special thanks must go out to Doctor Devon Francis and the rest of the Doctors of the G.J.D.A, the Director of Nursing Services and the nurses participating in the Health Fair, Ms. Ledia Harris at Food Fair, Cpl 336 Moses at Police Canteen, Sergeant 233 Rodney at Police Training School, all Police boys’ clubs coordinators within St. George, including the officer in charge of the Central Division and Traffic, all Teachers attending and last but not least R.C. Narine who in a pivotal way assisted with transporting the Boys to and from the event.

Boys Club Participates in Reforestation Exercise

Boys Club Participates in Reforestation Exercise

In commemorating World Desertification Day which was observed on Friday June 17th, 2011, the members of the St. George’s Anglican Senior School and the St. George’s Methodist School Police Boys Club teamed up with the Forestry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture to participate in a tree planting exercise in the St. Margret’s area of the Grand Etang Rain Forest Reserve.

This initiative is one of many which the Forestry Department will be embarking for the rest of the year; the entire year’s focus worldwide is reforesting the land by planting trees in an effort to preserve the world’s vegetative environment.

Consistent with this drive, the Forestry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture is engaging various interest groups and stakeholders to partner with them in this afforestation drive.

Both Boys Clubs, comprising 25 members in total, joined together in participating in the day’s exercise which resulted in the planting approximately forty (40) trees. The exercise was both an exciting and educational one for the young men.

Recently the said Grand Etang Forest was severely ravished by hurricanes Ivan and Emily in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Therefore, the boys were extremely happy to be a part of this tree reforestation effort.

Special thanks to the Principals of the schools of the boys who participated in the exercise, the Forestry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Police Welfare Association (R.G.P.F).

Boys Club enjoys some Outdoor Fun

Boys Club enjoys some Outdoor Fun

On Thursday June 30th, 2011 the members of the St. George’s Methodist School and the St. George’s Anglican School Police Boys Club came together and participated in a picnic and expedition on Hog Island.

The activity is part of the many ongoing drives of the office of the Community Relations Department (Royal Grenada Police Force) to engage residents in the spirit of Community Policing.

The Police Boys Club is just one of the many avenues through which the C.R.D. seeks to engage the community in realizing its Community Policing goals. The concept of this initiative is to become involved in the business of educating and mentoring the young men to become better lads in society while at the same time fostering stronger partnership with teachers, parents, students and the broader society.

The activity at Hog Island was coordinated by PC 300 Duprey and PC 637 Roberts. It was an activity designed to bring out the creative and imaginative capacity within our young men. We have observed that our young men and youth at large have ceased to create anything themselves, instead they only consume what has been created; they have become so immersed into electronic gadgetry. They must not however neglect nature, thus our choice of an outdoor activity.

The day’s activity was structured in the following manner; Fishing Competition, Navigational Knot Tying Competition, Coconut Shell Boat Building Competition and a Sand Castle Building Competition. Coming out of the competition, prizes were awarded for the persons who excelled in the different categories. Their remuneration package came in the form essential stationary items required for the school term, which included; notebooks, pens, pencils, geometry sets, and protractor sets. The prizes were specially chosen in light of the fact that most of the students had passed the recent Common Entrance Exams, and was about to transit into secondary school.

Despite of the inclemency of the weather on that day, a total of thirty seven (37) students turned out and participated in the activity, they were supervised by seven (7) parents, four (4) teachers, and three (3) police officers.

The entire day’s activity has been considered a tremendous success; one in which all learnt, had fun and enjoyed the day.

We would like to recognize and say a special thanks to all of the different business houses and individuals who would have sponsored or supported this initiative in one way or the other. We sincerely thank, Management of Markers Stationary Supplies (Woodlands, St. George), Grenada Distillers Ltd, Gittens Group of Companies Ltd, Marketing and National Importing Board, Guyana and Trinidad Mutual Insurance Company Ltd (GTM), and individuals such as Mr. Josh Antoine First Caribbean Intl. Bank, Mr. John Branch of Old Fort, St. George, Pet Straker of Four Seasons Development, P.C. Narine (Police Garage), P.C. David Flemming (IT Unit). To the Teachers, Parents and other Police Officers who would have made the entire occasion a success, special thanks.


Police Boys Club Participates in Civic Awareness Activity

Police Boys Club Participates in Civic Awareness Activity

Leading up to February 7th 2011 as we proudly looked forward to celebrating our 37th year as an independent nation, the Police Boys Club of the St. George’s Methodist School held an art and poetry competition which centered on drawing a portrait of our National Flag and Coat of Arms, as well as the writing of a poem on Grenada.

To complement the activity, the boys were also required to recite the words of the National Anthem, and to state the significance of the colors within the National Flag, as well as the national emblems.


The purpose of this initiative has been to bring the boys to a greater sense of civic awareness; thus embedding within them knowledge of national objects which are unique to our identity as an independent people. The exercise was one that has proven to be very fruitful. For instance, students when asked to sing the Anthem were able to do so very well but when asked individually to say the Anthem missed key details and added to the compositions.

Five boys were honored with prizes on May 9th for securing top spots; they were rewarded with snacks compliments Mrs. Lydia Harris, from St. George’s for sponsoring some treats for the boys. The names and placement of the boys are as follows: 1st place, Damion Perrotte (best flag and coat of arms and poetic piece); 2nd place, Kimoni Cyrus; 2nd place, Chad Noel; 2nd place Akim Granger (tied for coast of arms and flag); 3rd place Darrell Calliste.

We are grateful for the support of Mrs. Lydia Harris, Teachers, Mr. Hercules and Mrs. Duncan, at St. George’s Methodist School for supporting the goals and ideals of the Police Boys Club and helping in ensuring this art and poetry competition became the success that it was.



Police Boys Club – Health Fair

Police Boys Club – Health Fair

On Friday December 3rd 2010 the Community Relations Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force staged a mini Health Fair for the boys in the St. George’s Anglican School Police Boys Club and the St. George’s Methodist School Police Boys Club.

The event was a joint initiative by Constable 300 Duprey and Constable 637 Roberts. This initiative took into consideration the fact that most health fairs primarily target the elderly and middle aged, thus overlooking children of youthful age.

In recent times it has been observed that young children are living with secret and seriously acute disease conditions; such as worms, eye problems, anemia, diabetes and other complications associated with heart diseases and obesity.

This health fair has afforded the boys of the above stated Police Boys Clubs an ideal opportunity to receive free medical screening; which has served to create a sense of awareness among the boys of their health status, as well as promoted a greater sense of good health and hygiene practices among the young men.

Conducting screening exercise were Medical Doctors; Laurie Frederick and Deon Forrester, they were also assisted by five (5) Nurses compliments the Director of Nursing Services.

The Health Fair was supported by a number of cooperate sponsors from the Business sector who supplied health promotional tokens such as tooth paste, tooth brushes, mouth wash, deodorants, hand sanitizers and refreshments. We also would like to mention the support received from Wayne Redhead (Waggy T Rentals) who supported through the provision and errection of a Tent. Also, mention must be made of the Marketing and National Importing Board for the supplying of refreshments.

Overall, the Health Fair is dubbed a surprise of a success by all who attended; its objectives were met in that a total of thirty four (34) boys received Medical screening, seven (7) received prescriptions and seven (7) were referred to receive specialist attention.

Indeed we are indebted and are very grateful to all who made this health fair a tremendous success.

We say a special thank you to:

  • Dr. Laurie Frederick
  • Dr. Deon Forrester
  • Director of Nursing Services and Nurses (Maloney, Cambridge, Grey & Duncan)
  • Huggins Pharmaceutical
  • Marketing and National Importing Board
  • Bryden and Minors Pharmaceutical
  • Get Well Pharmacy
  • Grenada Pharmacy
  • Faith Bakery Woburn
  • Gittens Pharmaceutical
  • Waggy T Rentals
  • Police Welfare Association
  • Principals and Teachers of the schools involved, whose contribution was instrumental in the success of the Health Fair