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Our History

Our History

The earliest record of the existence of any police service in Grenada dates back to the year 1853; when Policing was a part-time occupation and the magistrate’s of the major towns were given charge of the police for that district. In 1854 the Colonial Government took over Fort George and established it as the headquarters for the Police and the Militia. The fort was named Fort Royal when constructed in 1705, but was later changed to Fort George.


The Police were then given arms and the authority to administer their own affairs and it was at that time the modern Police Force began to take shape. The flagpole, which stands high above the fort, was erected in 1915.The first record of enlistment into the service was that of 3rd class constable James B Williams. A native of Nevis, he was enlisted on the 13th September 1880 . In 1893 Andrew James and Taylor Williams were enlisted into the service; between the years 1894 and 1913 there were sixty-one enlistments.


The first known Chief of Police was Major A E Cappel, who as Chief during the period 1912 – 1920 ran the Force along strict military lines. In 1923 when Major Heider-Stan assumed that responsibility, the Force was reorganized; Regulations and Standing Orders were developed and at that time the Force was segmented into Divisions and Departments with a clearly defined chain of command. Seven police stations were established in 1923; namely Central, Gouyave, Victoria, Sauteurs, Grenville, St. David’s and Hillsborough.


The Establishment of the force at that time consisted of; 1 Chief of Police, 1 Sergeant Major, 2 Station Sergeants, 4 Sergeants, 6 Corporals, 15 Lance Corporals, 27 2nd Class Constables, 35 3rd Class Constables and 1 Armourer Sergeant who served all the windward Islands. The strength of the force in 1923 was 92.


The Royal Grenada Police Force is established under The Police Act, Cap 244, Revised Laws of Grenada 1990 (hereinafter the “Police Act”) which provides for the Organisation, Administration, Discipline, Powers and Duties of the Royal Grenada Police and for matters related to policing. The Force shall consist of a number of officers, whose numbers will from time to time be regulated by the Governor General and enrolled in the Force. All members of the Royal Grenada Police Force employed at the date of the coming into operation of the Police Act, shall be deemed to have been appointed under the Act and to have taken the oath of office prescribed for a police officer appointed under the Act.


Past Chief’s of Police

Major A Cappel 1912-1920
Major D Kerr 1920-1922
Major O Heidenstan 1923-1928
Major Turner 1928-1937
Major Arniston 1938-1947
Major Marden 1947-1950
Colonel Donald 1950-1951
Brigadier Pickthal 1951-1953
Major E M James 1953
Mr. J B G Austine 1953-1956
Mr. Mc Colgan 1956

With the enactment of the Police Regulations Section 66, Chapter 244 of Volume IX of 1960 revised Laws of Grenada, the officer appointed to the office of the Chief of Police was changed to “Commissioner of Police” and a new rank structure was created.


Past Commissioners’ of Police before the Revolutionary period

Major J H Holley 1956-1967
Mr. M C Roberts 1967-1968
Mr. Ivan Quarless 1968-1969
Mr. Stephen Bascombe 1969-1970
Mr. R King 1970-1971
Mr. Nugent David 1971
Mr. R L Barrow 1971-1973
Mr. Nugent David 1973-1974
Mr. Osbert James 1974-1975
Mr. J Usen 1975-1976
Mr. Osbert James 1976
Mr. Adonis Francis 1976
Mr. Osbert James 1976-1978
Mr. Anthony Bernard 1978
Mr. Osbert James 1978-1979



During the Revolutionary period

Mr. Raphael Stanislaus 1979
Mr. James Clarkson 1979-1981
Mr. A B Bernard 1981
Major Ian St. Bernard 1981
Major Patrick Mc Leish 1981-1983



Commissioners’ of Police Post Revolutionary Period

Mr. Mervyn Holder 1983-1985
Mr. Russel Toppin 1985-1987
Mr. Cosmus Raymond 1987
Col. G Mignon 1987
Mr. Cosmus Raymond 1987-1989
Mr. Samuel H Brookes 1989-1990
Lt. Col. Nestor Ogilvie 1990-1997
Fitzroy F.A. Bedeau 1997-2005
Mr. Winston James 2005 – 2008
Mr. James Clarkson 2008 – 2013
Mr. Willan Thompson 2013 – 2014*

* Mr. Winston James is currently acting Commissioner


The March 13th Revolution of 1979 brought about many changes including an end to the long period in which the police occupied Fort George. This occupancy began in 1854 and ended in 1979 when the Police Department was transferred to a building on Melville Street, St. George’s on 24the May 1979. The Headquarters of the force was later returned to Fort George in 1983.

The RGPF Police Band (Bugles and Drums) is among the oldest Military Bands in the West Indies.


Past Band Masters

Mr. Mc Darport 1910-1914
Inspector Wilson 1914-1918
Mr. Coard 1918-1932
Inspector De Coteau 1932-1970
Inspector Clarkson 1970-1972
Inspector Mitchell 1972-1984
ASP Ignatius Roberts 1984-2001
Inspector Brian Hurst 2001- 2007
Inspector John Amede 2007 – 2008
Assistant Superintendent Brian Hurst 2008 – Present


People’s Law No. 38 of 1980 Gazetted August 1 1980 brought about the change of the name from “Force” to “Service” by its amendment. It was then called the “Royal Grenada Police Service” but later Ordinance No. 14 dated September 17 1984 further amended it to “Royal Grenada Police Force” as it is now called.