Boys Club enjoys some Outdoor Fun

Boys Club enjoys some Outdoor Fun

On Thursday June 30th, 2011 the members of the St. George’s Methodist School and the St. George’s Anglican School Police Boys Club came together and participated in a picnic and expedition on Hog Island.

The activity is part of the many ongoing drives of the office of the Community Relations Department (Royal Grenada Police Force) to engage residents in the spirit of Community Policing.

The Police Boys Club is just one of the many avenues through which the C.R.D. seeks to engage the community in realizing its Community Policing goals. The concept of this initiative is to become involved in the business of educating and mentoring the young men to become better lads in society while at the same time fostering stronger partnership with teachers, parents, students and the broader society.

The activity at Hog Island was coordinated by PC 300 Duprey and PC 637 Roberts. It was an activity designed to bring out the creative and imaginative capacity within our young men. We have observed that our young men and youth at large have ceased to create anything themselves, instead they only consume what has been created; they have become so immersed into electronic gadgetry. They must not however neglect nature, thus our choice of an outdoor activity.

The day’s activity was structured in the following manner; Fishing Competition, Navigational Knot Tying Competition, Coconut Shell Boat Building Competition and a Sand Castle Building Competition. Coming out of the competition, prizes were awarded for the persons who excelled in the different categories. Their remuneration package came in the form essential stationary items required for the school term, which included; notebooks, pens, pencils, geometry sets, and protractor sets. The prizes were specially chosen in light of the fact that most of the students had passed the recent Common Entrance Exams, and was about to transit into secondary school.

Despite of the inclemency of the weather on that day, a total of thirty seven (37) students turned out and participated in the activity, they were supervised by seven (7) parents, four (4) teachers, and three (3) police officers.

The entire day’s activity has been considered a tremendous success; one in which all learnt, had fun and enjoyed the day.

We would like to recognize and say a special thanks to all of the different business houses and individuals who would have sponsored or supported this initiative in one way or the other. We sincerely thank, Management of Markers Stationary Supplies (Woodlands, St. George), Grenada Distillers Ltd, Gittens Group of Companies Ltd, Marketing and National Importing Board, Guyana and Trinidad Mutual Insurance Company Ltd (GTM), and individuals such as Mr. Josh Antoine First Caribbean Intl. Bank, Mr. John Branch of Old Fort, St. George, Pet Straker of Four Seasons Development, P.C. Narine (Police Garage), P.C. David Flemming (IT Unit). To the Teachers, Parents and other Police Officers who would have made the entire occasion a success, special thanks.


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